Birthday month

As I’ve written about before, August is our Official Birthday Month here at Chez Goth. There are, um, 13 or so at last count. So far, we’ve gotten through three of them. Four if you count today. M, my daughter’s other mom, turns 25 today. She had mentioned last December that she and her friends were dreading turning 25. I had to work really, really hard not to laugh out loud. “Yeah, I remember 25. I think…”

But anyway, we’re here to talk about fiber things. Right? Yes. Of course we are. So, then, here’s M’s Winter Solstice/Yule/Xmas present – all 2″ of it:


It’s the top 2″ of a pair of arrgyles (chart is in the left hand sidebar). M loves skulls, so I figured she’s like these. I must be insane, but I think I can have them finished and blocked before Winter Solstice. Did I mention I’m doing these in the round?

I also printed out a couple of patterns from the Lughnasadh edition of The Anticraft; Tepes and the Bat Shawl. And it may work out that I can take my mom’s sweater with me this weekend to present it in person – before her birthday. In that case, I’ll get her to model it for the blog.


2 thoughts on “Birthday month

  1. You’re way ahead of me on Solstice/Yule/Xmas gifts. Although the stole I’m currently working on is a graduation gift for my son’s guidance counselor so I’m way ahead of that curve, lol!

  2. D’oh! That reminds me – I need to figure out something for my daughter’s teacher. Which probably won’t be ready until June… 😀

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