So…what do you know?

Not much.  You?

I’ve gone back to spinning in an effort to both make myself useful (in between bouts of trying to drum up students) and keep my depression at bay.  Most of what I’ve been working on for the past year (oh fuck.  Really a year?) has been this:

The Fleece That Will Not Die

Yep, really.  It’s woolen spun with a somewhat modified long draw from carded rolags.  Probably 25-30 WPI singles, although that’s probably the optimist in me talking.  (Meaning it’s a hell of a lot bigger than that.)

I’m not sure what I’ll do with this once it’s finished.  At one time I’d thought about putting them in my long-neglected Etsy shop, but I doubt that anybody would buy that any more than they did the black cross I had in there at first.  But we’ll see.  I think if I dyed that a solid color, letting the fleece take care of the variegating, that might help.  But maybe not.

In other news…I’m trying really hard to avoid thinking about Mother’s Day this year.  The Girl and I had talked about going to the Muffins with Mum breakfast they had at the school today.  When we were getting ready to go, she said she wasn’t hungry and didn’t want to after all.  Yes, I had fed her breakfast 2 hours before – we get up early, and she’s usually starving when she wakes up – but I wasn’t thinking about that at the time.

On the bright side, I had plenty to talk about with my therapist today.

I made my mum a card; it’s up on Twitpic, but I’ll try to import it in here.  Let’s see if it works…
Mom's present on Twitpic

This is pretty much the go-to present for somebody who threatens you with bodily harm if you buy them one more thing for the house. Well okay, not really. But she really doesn’t want any more stuff, and has no problem telling people so. Yes, every mother says that, but my mother actually means it. The design is from the Sublime Stitching Dutch and Russian transfers. Works really well when stitched up on cardstock, but some of it had to be drawn in. Blame my paranoia about having all that stitching fall off due to over-perforation.