Hell Yeah Giftmas

I’m starting my holiday knitting/crocheting earlier this year. Maybe this will mean I won’t be working on shit right up until Xmas Eve. And maybe pigs will wing their way through the evening skies…

I have finished one Giftmas item. It’s for a friend who lives a long way away, and who I’ve been meaning to make something for for a long time. So – if your name begins with Barb, LOOK AWAY NOW. (Can you hear me from there?)

It's not what it looks like. Honest.

This took all but – oh, maybe 1.5 oz of the 4 oz worth of skeins I spun of Girl on the Rocks’ Art Deco roving. I just hope it’s long enough…

Only 8 or so more projects to go. Most of them will be toys/things for the kids, so they shouldn’t take too long. I’m trying to make them out of stash, preferably the handspun first.