Giftmas is over!!!!11!!!!!!1!!!

The Giftmas knitting spree is over. Of the things that I made (2 pairs of felted clogs, a Crocus scarf, and a Trekking dread hat, I got pictures of exactly…1.

Yes, it's a hat. 😛

I was so insanely fixated on OMFSMMUSTGETPRESENTSMAILEDOUTTODAYTOTHEKIDS that I completely forgot to take pictures. I need to ask my sister if she’ll take some for me. Apparently the felting instructions were a little too much for her; they’re mostly felted and firm, but they need to shrink a bit more. If I don’t have the feet to fit them on right in front of me, I like to leave them a little roomy.

Giftmas itself was pretty good, if quiet. Just the three of us this time. Mercifully, we didn’t have to travel anywhere at all this year. Good thing too. We’d still be in the Charlotte airport today… A got almost everything on her list. K and I didn’t exchange gifts at all this year, which can wait for another day. I got to work on the Bat Shawl for most of the afternoon. It’s almost up to the top row of bats, and I’m going to pick up stitches for the edging right after I finish the bind off. Really. No waiting around, which is what doomed the first attempt.

I finished a sample skein of beaded Shetland lace yarn and made a swatch. The beads wound up being evenly divided between the knit and purl sides, which was a nice surprise. Right now, I’m working on a bobbin of singles to make some more.