Stash from Grandma’s

Several years ago, my family and I went to PA to basically clean out my grandparents’ farmhouse. My sister had gotten the majority of things out of there, but there were some things left.

Among them was what was left of my grandmother’s yarn and fabric stashes. Grandma was a heavy-duty crafter. She knit, crocheted, tatted, sewed and quilted. A lot. When she moved to the nursing home about a year before she died, there were the remnants of a quilt top that was partially pieced along with some pieces to finish it up. There was also quite a bit of crochet thread, tatting thread, beads, and buttons. My favorite things are some old pattern books and an instruction book on hardanger embroidery and tatting.

Last week, on New Year’s Eve, I started my first filet crochet project using some of her stash and one of her Clover steel hooks. I finished it yesterday. It’s a bookmark, from this pattern by Nancy Hearne.

This was my first time using a filet chart. This one was pretty straightforward, but I want to try some others before designing my own. I’ve got some ideas, but have no clue where to begin making the chart.

Thread isn’t something I normally use. Everything I did wound up taking twice as long and was way more painful and complex than necessary. But it’s finished. For some reason, weaving in the ends of thread is far more easy than weaving in even laceweight yarn. So that was a nice surprise.

Now I’m off to watch it snow. I think for the first time ever, my gran would have been happy with something I did.