An FO and one in progress

This week, I finally finished something else. Meet Diva Squid, my Diva Cup’s new buddy.

The Elder God who keeps your menstrual cup warm and cozy

Double knitting is something I’m new at, and it went relatively well. The increases were a little tricky – I had to rip it back and restart it 5 times before I got them right – but it turned out okay. There might even be another one for my iPod in the near future.

The other thing I worked on today was my spinning.

That’s part of the second bobbin of singles I’m using for a beaded yarn. I even knitted up a sample skein…

The beads look pretty on their own, but I think I might use a different color on that white. Um, yes.

As for my other 2 UFOs that I’m still actively working on:

Margaret is still patiently waiting for me to figure out what the hell I’m going to write on her.

Bat Shawl is still slogging toward completion. I’m almost up to the point where I started ripping 3 months ago.

And that’s pretty much it for knitting.

In other news, I’m still stunned that Keith Olbermann left Countdown this evening. I had thought that MSNBC would be off the air when Comcast took over, but I had no idea it would be piece by piece this way. Very weird. Rumors as to the exact reason and all are still flying, so…

Olbermann could be a sexist wad at times, but his heart was usually in the right place. I’ll miss his passion for left-leaning causes.