April is National Poetry Month. I love poetry. Not so much writing it (yeah, those happy angst-filled teenage years are over for me, thanks) as reading. I also have a fascination with historical poetry. Dante Alighieri, for example. It doesn’t matter that I can’t read medieval Italian. I love it anyway, and am always looking for a new/better/different translation.

And the epic poem from ancient Britain, Beowulf. Subject of many translations, college English and/or history courses, and an, um, interesting movie, it’s the story of the hero Beowulf and his battle with the monster Grendel. And Grendel’s mother. I am as utterly lost reading Middle English as I am medieval Italian, but I’m fascinated with the story anyway.

About a month or two ago, the folks at Sanguine Gryphon published a pattern for socks imprinted with (I think) the prologue of Beowulf in the original language. I knew what I had to make.

Here’s, finally, the first one:

It’s roughly knee-length, about 7″ from the top to the beginning of the heel gusset. It was fun, if a little bit of a challenge to figure out where I was in the text. I’d like to do some more of this once I finish Sock #2. Possibly using one of my most favorite Christina Rosetti poems…