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I’ve finally got another FO to show off. The ends are all woven in, but it hasn’t yet been blocked. So…here’s what I have so far:

The Beowulf socks

The one on top is Sock #1, with the opening line of Beowulf in old English on the very top. It was a lot of fun to work on. I didn’t do a whole lot per day (obviously, as it took over 2 months to finish them), but the chart wasn’t difficult. The hardest part was twisting the yarns around each other for the stranded knitting. Really. That was it. I’d happily work on another =Sanguine Gryphon pattern again. The Winter 2011 collection had a number of other literary-inspired pieces, including one from my favorite children’s chapter book ever.

Actually, I’ve had my eye on a couple of them, including one for A and her cousins. But that’s for another day.

This is, by the way, how I celebrated the non-happening of the Rapture. There was a party not far from us, but I never know whether or not kids are welcome. So usually I err on the side of not going.

I also transplanted some of the tomatoes and 4-o-clocks that I want to have out this summer. The ones that are left aren’t doing too well, so I’m hoping they hang in long enough for me to get some fresh potting soil for their new beds.

There was some spinning happening too. I’m almost finished with the combing part of the Shetland lamb fleece; all the rest will be carded, and I’ll see what I can do with/make out of it. It would be nice to dye it – this natural white is so bright taht the color would show well – but I’m not feeling confident. We’ll see.


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