Last Day

Today is my daughter’s last day of her school year. They go back at the end of July (yes, really; and no, it’s not a year-round school) but for the next 7 weeks, she’ll be off.

Here comes the annual “I don’t want to waste the summer but I have no idea what we’ll do” rant.

I think I’d like to try teaching her to knit again. The whole casting-on thing was pretty arduous, and even though I wound up doing it for her when she made her present for C (her other grandmother) I think it turned her off. But she does want to try again. I think.

One of the things I wanted to do is some more dyeing this summer. This is how my first experimental “solar” batch turned out:

Think Barney's cute and cuddly, do you? He is EVIL, I tell you.

I dyed this in the backyard a week or so ago; in an old black roaster with water, dye and vinegar. A disturbing amount of the red dye rinsed out, so I’ll try leaving it in longer next time. Maybe with more vinegar too.

There’s a whole lot of fiber left from that fleece that was “waste” from the combing. Not long enough to be drawn out with a diz, but perfectly okay for carding. I think. So I might try doing some woolen long-draw with the rest of it. There’s slightly over 500 yards in the picture there, but I think there’s plenty of fiber to fill at least a couple more bobbins with that same weight of yarn. Not as smooth and strong, but what can you do…

I also had the choice of “wine/wine bag or washcloth/fancy soap” made for me yesterday. Here it is:

A was delirious with joy that I made the same sort of thing I did for her other favorite teacher (back in 1st grade).

This weekend we’ll be recovering from these last two weeks of school. Then on Monday we’ll be getting things ready for our visitors. Bring it, summer. Bring it.