Some new things. Finally.

Yes, it’s been a while. Sorry about that, I guess. It’s been summer and things have been busy.

For one thing, somebody’s been taking over the computer. Mostly because said somebody is almost 9 1/2 and she loves her Poptropica. She doesn’t get to love it too much, but when she’s not on the computer, I’m doing other things with her.

I did finally block Hwaet! and they look…better. A little different, anyway.
Finished/blocked socks

They’ll make good boot socks for hiking this fall and winter. It’s way too hot here to even think about hiking now.

I finished a DNA seafarer’s scarf.
Broken sequencing, but oh well
Not my best work, but it’s done in time for winter. My Bob, I take the suckiest project pictures.

I’ve also been working on a spinning project. Shhh…it’s a secret. There might or might not be another pair of Hwaets in the works for Giftmas. There’s another almost-finished project as well. I just have to find out where to send it – not posting anything anywhere until it’s out the door and on its way.