And now for some actual knitting content

Hi there. I finished 3 projects in the space of the past 2 weeks. Two of them were birthday presents, which arrived hideously late.

Well, only a week. But when you’re turning 10, a week is a very long time indeed.

The first one:

Willow Tea Room #1
That's one...

These were for me. I wanted to try out the pattern first, and try them on A for size. Her feet and one of her cousins’ are pretty much the same size (size Big Foot 9/10 year old), so if it fit her I’d be good. It was perfect. They also fit me…

The second pair (pair #3 in my Rav project list):

Willow Tea Room #3
That's 2...

These were for G. She’s the “youngest” of the twins, and the one closest to me in personality. I love her and fear for her all at the same time. She also has the biggest feet of the two.

And the third:

Willow Tea Room #2
That's 3, and he shot the horse

These were for a. She’s the “oldest” twin, and the closest to my sister in personality. She’s a very nice, girly sort of girl. She also gets along the best with A. I, however, am embarrassed to admit that G is my favorite (shh…).

I bought the sock yarn during my last trip to MN to visit them, near Xmas two years ago. I had meant to make socks for them before now, but life got in the way. Plus A wanted socks as well; she hates wearing shoes and socks, and wanted socks that were “not hot”. We both decided this design would fit the bill. She also thought it would be a good idea to make her cousins socks just like hers. So there they are.

Their birthday was a week ago last Sunday. I deliberately chose not to write about that day. Lots of other people did – a Day We Will Never Forget, a Day That Changed Everything. I don’t mean to make light of the other things that happened that day. It was, honestly, more than a little frightening. It touched my uncle, and a lot of other people, far more than it did the rest of my family or me. But it was also my nieces’ birthday, and that has affected me much more. It doesn’t seem right to talk about an event that didn’t really affect me (at least until I got on an airplane Sept. 22 that year). So I let it go.

Speaking of letting things go…

I’ll be closing my other blog for good this week. I will officially become Too Old To Live tomorrow. I can’t say any more about adoption. That’s not true – I can say a lot more about adoption. I can no longer bear what the adoption community has become. It’s made me afraid to write what I truly think and feel about many aspects of adoption. So I’m done. Plus I’m almost done being Evil. Neither one of my daughter’s mothers are Evil anymore, and I can’t own that.

I’ll be writing much more here. That was your last warning.


2 thoughts on “And now for some actual knitting content

  1. I’m so glad you’re done being Evil. 🙂
    I *thought* I had that same sock yarn too! You coming back any time soon? Would love to see you again.

    1. 😀
      It doesn’t look like it’ll happen this year, unfortunately. We’re shooting for next summer, when A gets out of school, at the very latest. I’d love to get together again the next time we go out there.

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