Happy October

I love October. It’s my most favorite month, September being a close second. I love everything about it. Around here, it’s the time of year that starts to actually feel like autumn. I have an excuse to spin and knit heavier wools and other animal fibers. And then there’s Halloween.

It might have been mentioned here once or twice, but I love horror movies. I didn’t always. There was a time when I couldn’t bear to sit through a horror movie. They worked on me, as they do for a lot of kids with very vivid imaginations. When I was 7, my school buddy and I were watching TV while my mother was in the kitchen – Dark Shadows. She was familiar with it; one of her older sister’s favorites, they watched it every weekday. I wasn’t. The first time I watched it, I had horrible nightmares about vampires all night. But it didn’t stop me from watching the next day…

And that was that. My favorites are still the ones that are either really cheesy (the vast majority of the AIM Pictures Poe movies, some of the Hammer movies) or the ones with less gore, like The Wicker Man. But I love them now.

My daughter loves reading horror books – mostly Goosebumps, but some other things too, like the Bunnicula series. We’ve even tried reading The Graveyard Book together, but she couldn’t get past the first few paragraphs. She still has dreams about them. We own it, so maybe she’ll try it again later. She also has gotten hooked on RL Stine’s The Haunting Hour on TV, so maybe there will be other movies and TV shows very soon.

This month, I’d like to get back into writing here by talking about my favorite horror movies and books. With occasional fiber art-type posts thrown in. Frankly, I haven’t been doing a lot, at least not a lot that I can show right now.


2 thoughts on “Happy October

  1. I love October too. I love the cold, crisp days. I love the food, I love the crunchy leaves, I love the darker nights. Perfect time of year for snuggling up with a good book.

  2. This is always my favorite time of the year as well, especially living here in the hills of the ‘wild and wonderful’, where the colors are a little more vibrant.

    Next weekend is the annual zombie walk, and Boo and i are going to be joining in! — i as an undead chef, and he as my dutiful waiter, offering up a heaping platter of BRAINS!

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