Dracula Has Risen From the Grave

Among my few happy memories from junior high were going to our movie assemblies. These started when I was in…8th grade, I think. Every other month, we’d head to the auditorium to watch a movie. I have no idea who the hell picked the movies, but they were awesome. We watched The Raven (mmm…cheesy), The Fly (the original, with Vincent Price and the world’s smallest man), and probably a couple of others that I honestly can’t remember. It’s been that long.

Dracula Has Risen From the Grave is one that has stayed with me. I’ve seen it several times since our assembly, and I feel it still holds up. Dracula’s castle has been exorcised by the Monsignor of the village. Naturally, he’s a little pissed off about being driven from his home. So he plans his revenge – by turning the Monsignor’s niece into his latest, um, bride. Hilarity ensues.

My goodness, Christopher Lee makes an incredible vampire. Lee and Max Shreck were awesome. No disrespect to Bela Lugosi, but Lee was very scary. Still scares the hell out of me.

This was my first introduction to both the Hammer movies and Christopher Lee. This, jazz band and 9th grade District Band were the happiest times I had between grade school and college.

If you’d like to see this yourself, you can find it on YouTube (the link goes to Part 1 of 10). Enjoy.