Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

We love Apple. Right now I’m typing this on our…5th Mac in 23 years. Yes, we tend to hold on to our tech items for a very long time. We each have an iPod. Dad Goth works on a MacBook Pro in his mancave upstairs office. Anabel has been using this Mac since she was old enough to sit in my lap and hold a mouse. We are also very fond – well, mostly – of the two Steves who started it all.

Yesterday Steve Jobs, the Steve who still worked for Apple until about 2 weeks ago, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 55. It seems weird that at least one of the Steves won’t be around anymore.

He was the Steve with the feel for design. Things that worked easily for people. That you didn’t have to work at using. For all the jokes and Windows snobbery, a tool that is easy to use is one that gets used, and used often. You also use that tool in different ways, and some of us that are more curious than others also are more drawn to find out what’s inside and how it all works.

Bye, Steve #2. We’ll miss you.