My parents were here for the past week. They come out from MN to visit maybe two or three times a year, so it’s a pretty big deal. Usually, it’s a road trip (thank you, TSA, for humiliating my 79-year-old father to the point where he can’t fly anymore), so depending on the time of year it can be a very big deal. Not really this time, but it has been in the past.

They’re older now. My dad is feeling the effects of his mitral valve operation more and more every year. His mnetal decline really did start after that, almost 10 years ago. He has had a prolapsed mitral valve since birth. After a round of endocarditis, he was given the ok to have it replaced with a shiny new plastic valve. He also had a bypass and a pacemaker installed. Simply put, it’s done things to his head. Not forgetful, but definitely a personality change. Definitely not for the better either. It’s not hard to see the effects of taking care of him on my mum. She’s usually pretty quiet and matter of fact about things. Not so much on this past trip.

On their first day here, we were supposed to have a visit with C, A’s first grandmother (her first mum’s mother). The weather was sh*tty where she was, so we postponed the trip. It would have been the first time they’d met each other. In hindsight it wasn’t a bad thing that they didn’t meet this time. I’m hoping there will be a next time.

We had a visit the way we’ve usually been having lately. We talk about all the things they’d like to do, and wind up spending the vast majority of time hanging out at home. The altitude is becoming an increasing problem. We live at roughly 6000 ft. above sea level. They do not. Even when they drive and the change is more gradual, it’s still very noticeable for them.

For some reason, we spent the majority of their visit in Ikea. It’s new here, but the crowds have died down so it was manageable. We now have a loft bed for A, a storage unit so that I can move my fleeces out of their plastic tubs and get them some air, and two bookcases for A’s room. Mum and Dad came into some “found money”, so we got furniture and my sister gets some work done on her house.

After they left yesterday, A and I went for our usual trip to the yarn store. 2 skeins for A’s socks, a knitted amigurumi book (she really REALLY WANTS THIS to be her next project, but we’ll see), and a set of needles for making a Moebius scarf out of some gifted giant handspun. I also saw what I’d like for Giftmas this year…


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  1. Wow. Sad that the mitral valve replacement which should have been helpful has done things to his personality. ❤ and snorgles.

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