Weekend Before

Next weekend is Halloween Weekend, as Halloween is a week from today. Unfortunately, Anabel’s costume had to be ready Saturday. For a party at her BFF’s church. I found out about this last Wednesday.

The robe was done by Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t pretty, but it was done. I think she was a little disappointed at the party that nobody knew who she was supposed to be.

Today I’m going to Goodwill for a white button-down shirt, possibly a gray sweater vest and a maroon-and-gold tie. And a wand at the Halloween store.

If I have time this week, I think I found my own costume. I think this would work. We already have an axe and a ton of stage blood from last year, so the blouse is all that’s missing (I do have a walking skirt hiding in the closet somewhere).


4 thoughts on “Weekend Before

  1. We’re in the ‘gearing up’ stages here as well. Tomorrow is my only ‘full’ day-off until next week, and there is a large pile of pumpkins waiting for their faces to appear.
    Over the weekend, the pub should be a madhouse (Halloween in this college town is sheer lunacy), bot all of us at work are dressing in costume, including us cooks! I’ll let my inner zombie get some ‘exorcise’. *L*
    Monday, the neighborhood we now live in has a huge block-party, where all the kids go to get their Treat on — rather than risk knocking on the doors of drunk college students — and the parents get to hang out and chat like real neighbors. We didn’t know about this event, called the “Greenmont Haunt”, until after we moved in, but we’re excited about it now… it’s like it was meant for us to be here.
    *tight hugs to you and your little spooky kid*

    1. Yeah, it’ll be 2 of us this weekend – I’m taking at least 2, maybe 3 to the “lights-on haunted house” done by one of the haunted houses in town. I’m hoping to get some time to sew on a “Gibson Girl” blouse for this, but we’ll see.

      That sounds like a great party on Monday! Have a wonderful time. If most of the neighbors will be there, sounds like a promising neighborhood.

      *tight hugs for all and Happy Halloween*

  2. I just realized that it’s been exactly 20 years since i last saw you in person…

    Hope your Halloween is happily adventurous. *hugs*

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