I have been knitting & crocheting. Really.

I’ve been a little busy with life these past few weeks. Anabel has been busy with her First LEGO League team. They did very well at their qualifier – even got a 1st place trophy for their programming – and went to our State semifinals last weekend. Where her team won 2nd place for their research project. Anabel and a 6th grade boy were the primary researchers for the project, and she’s found that she really does like that sort of thing. Their team even got a visit from somebody in our state’s DoA, who provided lots of things for them to think about and asked some really good questions.

Then DadGoth was traveling last week for his company’s Xmas party. He wound up going to 2 different parties that week, and A’s State competition.

I, on the other hand, have been working on this. Shh… I’d love to take an in-progress picture, but it’s been tough to find time when she’s not been home since last week. I’m roughly halfway finished, which will mean some pretty late nights. But it will be finished in a week. Honest.

There have been a couple of other things too…

I made some snowflakes for a Ravelry swap, but I didn’t take pictures before sending them out.

I also made some teeny snowmen – some people here think they’re peanuts, but they’re snowmen – for Anabel’s teacher’s gift last week. These aren’t them, but they’re close:

Evil, scary snowmen. Yay!
(click to embiggen)

I liked the Mochimochiland pattern so much that I bought another. But that’s for next year, for somebody’s birthday. Since that somebody follows me on Ravelry, I’ll leave that for another time.
These peanutssnowmen are going off to MN tomorrow. I’m hoping they get there in time and intact.

We’ve also been making cookies and another batch of Crazy Putty, but that’s for another day.