Presents under the tree

Almost every year I make something for either Anabel or Dad Goth. This year I worked on this scarf for my little panda junkie. I wanted to keep it a surprise, which didn’t work out so well.

There wasn’t a hell of a lot of time between November and Giftmas that A wasn’t pretty much right beside me or I was job hunting. Not much at all. I did work on it for an entire day when A was at her FLL state semifinals. Which got me to…the strap on the back to secure the scarf.

After that, it became a lot tougher to get Mom Crocheting Time®. I tried working on it in bed. A would inevitably run in to talk about what she was reading that night. I tried working on it while waiting for her after school. Yeah.

Finally it was Giftmas, and the scarf was roughly…3/4 completed. So I had to tell her about it. At least I could finish the damn thing before she went back to school.

She was thrilled it was a panda. The only thing she asked was, “How did you work on it without my seeing?”

Not easy, boo. As you can see, I hadn’t finished…


2 thoughts on “Presents under the tree

    1. I think she likes it! It’s freaky warm here this week – highs in the 50s and 60s – so she doesn’t really need it yet. But she will…


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