Long Overdue

I’ve been working on something for a friend for an embarrassingly long time now. Not for the friend, but for her mom, who is seriously ill.

I’d decided on a shawlette, as she had plenty of hats. First I was going to use some Shetland fingering weight that I’d just finished; just the right amount for a Holden, and it looked like a pretty fast knit. But the yarn might have been too much for her mom, who has been going through chemotherapy and is currently pretty delicate. So…

There was a silk hankie that I’d bought a while back that needed to be spun. So I started spindle spinning. Ridiculously slow, but the yarn was coming out okay. I’d spin a spindle full, wind it off and ply it on my hummingbird spindle, then knit straight off the spindle to save time. This took a hell of a lot longer than I’d planned.

Even with spinning to fingering weight, there wasn’t quite enough to finish. So I bound off with some bamboo/silk that I’d used for Anabel’s socks. Plus I had to leave out the final repeat of the lace pattern, which makes it about an inch or two smaller.


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