Baby Steps

I’ve been away for a while. Not really for a lack of writing material or FOs (this time), but due to circumstances.

12 days ago I went into the hospital for surgery to replace a bulging disc in my upper neck. This was the first time I’ve ever stayed in the hospital. Cthulhu willing, it will also be my last. There are huge chunks of my memory that are either fuzzy and dreamlike or just gone. Sort of like being on an alcoholic bender, but much more scary.

The two big things I have to show for all this is a 2″ gash in the middle-right of my neck and 3 extra bottles of painkillers. Mmm….painkillers. They’re mostly for the incision and muscle tension. The gut-wrenching agony from my right side is gone.

I brought my knitting purely out of optimism that I’d be fine right after the operation. Um. Yesterday was the first time I worked on something – a double-knit hat and some cross-stitch things.

The couch is calling me once again. See you.


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