Doing Something New

For some time now, I’ve been fascinated with double knitting. It didn’t look like fun, exactly. But it did look like a way to create something nice and very warm with only slightly more effort. Then I saw the pattern in the Anticraft book for Yar!.

I began this a few days before going into the hospital back in January. Like the optimistic idiot that I am, I even brought it into the fscking hospital with me.

It was finally bound off, washed and blocked yesterday.

I did learn a couple of things from this:

1) NEVER start learning a new and potentially challenging skill when you will most likely spend your days high as hell on narcotics. Just don’t. Learn from the mistakes of others. Just sayin’.

2) If you are staying in the hospital for less than 2 nights, don’t even bother bringing a project with you. You’ll feel less guilty for looking for it, and everything will just be better. Especially if there will be painkillers involved. Trust me. See #1.

Once I wasn’t on meds 24/7, the work went much more smoothly. In fact, I will be resurrecting a long-abandoned project and trying it again as a double knitted tube instead of a garter-stitched flat piece. It may go better. It will definitely be warmer.


One thought on “Doing Something New

  1. I love the colors of this, and the way it patterned out…
    But then, i’m a sucker for purple anyway.

    Glad that you’re recovering enough to tackle something like this so soon!

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