Crochet, for some reason, has been easier on my neck and shoulder muscles lately than knitting. So I’ve been making a few amigurumi pieces lately.

Like this guy: Trojan Man.

Or "Hello Trojan"
Just like Hello Kitty, but with armor.

And his buddy: Spartan Man.

A little wonky, but mostly survived his battle.

Finally, yet another version of Cthulhu:

A bit ducklike, but still the cute Elder God.

I’ve been working on an Amazon warrior, but I really really dislike sewing all the little bits together at the end. So she’s not quite finished.

Amigurumi is something that’s been fun for me. A likes most of the things I make (I couldn’t figure out where the Trojan and Spartan were to take pictures of them; they were on her dresser), so that’s been more rewarding than making actual clothing for her.
I’ve also been thinking about other things as well. Like designing something of my own. Right now, I have to focus on this next week, chock-full of all sorts of visits to all sorts of exciting medical professionals. Damn. Near. Every day. So that has to wait.


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