Sock yarn

I’ve got quite a bit of Shetland lambswool that needs to be either carded and spun or tossed. It’s been in its giant plastic box a very long time. I recently saw in Knitty that along with a Knittyspun sock pattern (Glomerata) there was a pitch to make sock yarn out of other things besides super wash Merino. So I thought I’d try the Shetland in a 3-ply.

Here’s how it turned out:

A representative sample of the sock yarn.

It feels pretty soft. Softer than I had imagined. But I think it’ll stand up to some wear.

The plying went surprisingly quickly, considering what a PITA it is to spin 6 oz. of fine singles to make up a sport weight yarn. But it was much easier to make a balanced yarn than a 2 ply would have been.

Dyeing was exciting. The day I picked was warm, but not warm enough to open all the windows. Fortunately, I was able to cook up a pot of yarn (roughly 1/2 lb) without choking to death on the fumes. It was worth it, though. No, not very Goth; it’s not the blood color I was looking for, because there wasn’t enough blue in the final mix. But there’s always next time. And there’s enough to make a pair of socks.