Another Experiment that Failed

Last weekend, we went to visit our friends from the neighborhood who moved away. Ms. Not-Grownup-Yet was there for a sleepover, and Dad Goth and I were picking her up.

They’re in full-fledged Make the New House Habitable mode. One of the things that has to happen (at least around here) is cleaning up the yard. I saw there were a few stalks of mullein in the backyard. So…I took out my trusty multitool, hacked one off at the base, and brought it home.

Once we got home, I tore up the giant flannely leaves and threw them into my dyepot with water to cover. Then I put them outside to stew in the sun. Two days later, I strained out the leaves, put a couple glugs of vinegar in the pot, and threw in some light gray Churro wool that I’ve had sitting around for far too long.

This is what I got today:


There should be plenty of opportunities this summer to try again.