Meeting New People and Making Friends

That was one of the goals of my therapy after my little outpatient BehServ stint. The sheer terror that I feel even thinking about that have made that a…challenge. I do much better behind my little ‘puter screen than out in public forced to act like an adult.

Of course, one of my other challenges is poor impulse control. Which led me to my adventure today.

Lori, a fantastic adoptive parent blogger who writes about open adoption and all its benefits and challenges, asked on Twitter if anybody wanted to have chocolate for lunch. She had me at chocolate. It was after I agreed that the anxiety raised its hideous head.

I wound up asking Dad Goth a few days later. We talked about how much we’d spend and if I really wanted to do this. I probably should have backed out.

Today, Baby Bat and I headed out for town. I had completely blocked out the fact that this was our local Pride weekend – and most of the route I needed to take was closed. So we finally found one and headed over to the restaurant. Dad Goth and I had been there years ago, when we first moved to the area and were museum members.

Lori and her kids were already there. I recognized her – a tall, beautiful brunette with a yogini’s body. She is as lovely on the inside, too. Very warm, intelligent and charming. T & R, her kids, were pretty great as well; bright, outgoing kids who Baby Bat took to right away.

Lori and I talked about a couple of mutual online friends. She actually talked to one of them on the phone, and said she was pretty awesome. We also talked about another, probably one of my better friends either online or off. She’s one of the few reasons I wish I could go to BlogHer this year. Aside from the fact that I’m not much of a blogger, it’s quite expensive and it’s in Manhattan. Maybe another time – if it ever comes to Denver or NM…

We had lunch and chocolate and had a pretty good time. Afterwards, we headed back out to our respective cars and said goodbye. I really hope I can see them again. Baby Bat thinks so too. That’s 2 online friends that I’ve met, and both of the experiences went well, at least to me.


3 thoughts on “Meeting New People and Making Friends

  1. I so enjoyed our afternoon together with our kids — and not jut because of the dessert! I suppose I should be grateful for your poor impulse control 🙂

    Thank you for all the nice things you said about us. I’m kinda blushing.

    I would love to do it again sometime. A park or something? Maybe you can show me something about the raw materials of spinning (see? I don;t even know the proper terminology — I have a LOT to learn).

    Twas such a pleasure to meet you and the lovely Baby Bat!

  2. 😀 That’s very sweet. I would love to meet up again soon – not sure what’s possible in the heat, but I had a couple of ideas.

    Hee! We could drive past the alpaca farm out here… Lots of raw fleece on the hoof, although I’ve got a bit here to work through.

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