So Today, This Happened

In the latest edition of David vs. Goliath, Casey F of Ravelry received a Cease and Desist order from the legal department of the United States Olympic Committee. They were ordering Ravelry to stop using the term Ravelympics for their semi-annual fiber-y marathon. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

While we’re on the subject of denigrating our fine and noble athletes (and I mean the term “fine and noble athletes” sincerely – it takes a hell of a lot of talent and hard work to make it to the Olympics), shall we mention the rank hypocrisy of having McDonald’s and Coca-Cola as official team sponsors? Really, USOC?

In the letter (link goes to a Ravelry account page), there is not a satisfactory explanation as to how the Ravelympics denigrates the hard work of the athletes being cheered on by, frankly, a bunch of knitters. Or how the Olympic athletes are honored by being represented by General Electric and Dow Chemical (other official Olympic sponsors).

Am I a little pissed off? Hell yes. Will I boycott viewing the Olympics, as several of my fellow knitters have suggested? I don’t know yet. There is the temptation of spinning some specially dyed roving while watching the reintroduction of rugby as an official sport. Don’t get me started about some of the events that qualify as sport by decree of the International Olympic Committee…