The Title of Your Choice

Before I start today’s post, a little something about the Olympic thing and I’ll be done with it.

Honestly, I don’t care whether or not Ravelry is forced to use another name for the Ravelympics. Not even going into the idiocy of trademarking a name as entrenched in world history as the Olympic Games. That is not the point – and it never was to me. What I did care about was the half-assed apologies (yes, there were two) and the comment that they would like some “handmade items” (a quote from the first apology by spokesman Patrick Sullivan). That, coupled with the rank hypocrisy of their choices of corporate sponsors, was it for me. I think I’ll be getting my rugby fix on this way, thank you. That should do it for our spectator sports fix for the summer as well.

I’ve been doing some regular spinning this week. “Regular” means both my normal kind of yarn (a light DK/sock yarn weight) and spinning on a schedule. Like every weekday. I’m hoping that doing this will help fix my slide back into a serious depression. As well as fixing other things here.

It’s some black alpaca roving I bought at the Taos Wool Festival a while ago. It looks like there’s not quite 4 ounces left of it, as half of the roving didn’t fill a 2 oz bobbin. It’s lovely and soft though, and I think it might make some nice lace. So we’ll see how it turns out.

I’ve been spinning while listening to podcasts lately. My favorites usually run about an hour, which is my upper limit for sitting still these days. I’ve been enjoying Drunken Zombie, Industrial Strength Nightmares, Tank Riot, and my old favorite CraftLit. There are a bunch of other ones on my mp3Device, but those are my current favorites.