At the End of the Longest Line

That’s where you’ll find me…  Oh, how I love NOFX.

Anyway…I’ve finally gotten back to working on spinning (almost) every day.  Just for practice, mostly; but also to see if I can crank out something that somebody else might (a)want and (b)might be willing to buy. 

Right now I’m working on some Churro.  It’s light gray, almost white but not exactly.  I fell in love with the fleece when I first saw it – enough to get the name of the ewe to look for it a second time.  There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two years, and I bought 1/2 a fleece each year. 

I’m trying to spin from carded batts rolled the “long way”, or with the staple.  Normally, when you spin from carded rolags, it’s against the staple with the short end of the rolag feeding onto the bobbin.  I’d like to try embroidering with it when I’m done; the 2-ply that I’m shooting for is roughly the same size as crewel wool or light needlepoint wool.  It’ll have to be dyed, which is another dilemma in itself.  Not something I’m looking forward to.