Using my Handspun

Most of the projects that I’ve made – I’d say roughly 2/3 as of today – have been made with my own yarn. I will buy yarn sometimes. Normally the “sometimes” = making toys, gifts or socks. But if it’s for something here, or something for me, I’ll definitely use handspun.

I did make some black alpaca recently. It’s spun from what was called a roving, but looked and acted more like a commercially combed top. Gorgeous, very soft, reasonably long-stapled alpaca. Here’s a look at the plied yarn on the bobbin.

(click to biggify)

Right now I’m using it to make a shawlette. The pattern is Sewanee by Beth Bradford. She’s a talented fiber artist currently in a fiber arts program at a Southeastern college. The Ravelry link for the pattern is here. It’s well written, easy to follow and will look lovely. If it doesn’t, it’s totally the fault of the knitter and yarn designer. I’m just sayin’.

I’ve been doing some more spinning for specific kinds of projects lately; crafts that I’ve either loved and put aside for years or have been doing regularly but never considered making my own yarn/floss. I’m a little anxious about how the finished product will work, but I think it’ll fit into a crewel needle (big hint here). The singles also seem smooth enough. But we’ll see.