So…I did it.

My name is K and I have a secret.

I have less than no self confidence. Especially when it comes to the things I make.

It’s been getting slowly better. I have had an Etsy store around for a fairly long time now. I did have some yarn listed for a while, but it never sold and I removed it. Not that I did much to publicize the site or anything…

So I finally decided to take the plunge and list a couple of skeins of newly made, 3 ply Shetland sock yarn. It’s not Merino, and not superwash, but I think it’ll last longer and wear better in the long run. It’s also lambswool, which is fairly soft and pretty.

The shop’s over here, if you want to take a look:

As I said on Twitter this afternoon, I don’t expect much. But I think it’s time to give it a try.