Dyeing Day

Last week I did some dyeing. First I tried some of the laceweight Shetland I’d previously spun. There was this:

My first paint job

That worked out pretty well, actually. I hadn’t done skeins in the microwave before (I’d previously steamed roving when I first started out), so it gave me a little confidence. No crocking, no bleeding. Yay,

Then came these:

Not as successful, but they turned out okay.

It might have had something to do with my not wrapping the skeins adequately (one of them opened when I took it out of the microwave) or putting two in at the same time. But this set of skeins bled when I rinsed them. Not a lot, and the dye doesn’t crock as far as I can see. But yeah. Plus I had to scrub out the microwave when I was done the second time.*

I also did a little with the crewel yarn. There are about 2 oz. worth of small skeins that were dyed a yellow-orange. I did a little test sewing on a kit piece I’ve been working on (off and on) for the past several years. It seems to go through fairly tightly woven cotton with no problems and very little abrasion. At least the undyed part does. I’m anxious to see if the dye makes a difference.

*I shouldn’t even have to mention this, but: ONLY ATTEMPT MICROWAVE DYEING IF YOU HAVE A SPARE ONE LYING ABOUT OR BUY ONE FROM A THRIFT STORE/GARAGE SALE FOR DYEING USE ONLY. DON’T EAT DYE. We did happen to have a spare, as the house we bought already had a microwave/hood combo.