“My friends all feel sorry for them. To have to have their birthday today.”

Baby Bat said that while we were in the middle of our morning oh-no-hurry-up-and-go routine. I was checking the girls’ presents, to see if they were dry. They just needed buttons and wrapping.

DadGoth made a joke about how “everybody will remember their birthday”. She got ready to go, I gave her the usual goodbye hug and kiss, and they were off. I pulled the pins from the wristbands and thought about the day they were born.

I’d gotten a call earlier that morning from my mother. They were at the hospital; my sister’s water broke early, about 3 weeks before she was scheduled for a C-section. I was getting dressed and in our bedroom when I saw what looked like a huge cloud over the World Trade Center. Then, all of a sudden, there was nothing.

I’ve written about this before, so I’ll spare everybody the rest. My sister’s girls, fraternal twins, are 11 today. Once again, Auntie is late with her presents. But there are some:

Pretty Twisted
(click to biggify)

These are from the Pretty Twisted pattern in the First Fall 2011 issue of Knitty. It’s a pretty good pattern. I used the Framed variation, but there are two others I’d like to try just to see how they work up. It was really quick and easy to finish.

The yarn is my handspun. I’ve made some things for my sister out of my own yarn, but not for the girls. The buttons are from our grandmother’s button stash, some large mother-of-pearl ones. There are two more buttons; I promised Baby Bat I would make her one as well, just as soon as she picks out the yarn, and maybe one for myself or my sister. Probably my sister.

To everyone who knew someone in one of the planes, the World Trade Center or the Pentagon who lost their lives that day, my condolences for your losses. No matter how long it’s been, grief never seems to go completely away. There’s a lot more that I’d like to say, but I think I’ll let that go.

Happy birthday to my not-so-little Boos. I hope we’ll see you in a couple of months or so.


One thought on “Birthday

  1. Nothing wrong with that birthday! I celebrated it and intend to continue celebrating it year after year, no matter what atrocities have been committed that day in the past. If we stopped celebrating our birthdays because of evildoers murdering, raping and pillaging on the same day, no one on the planet would have cake and candles ever again! This is not to say I’m not saddened by what happened on the 11th eleven years ago.
    So blessings to the little ones. May there be many happy returns of the day.

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