Autumn at Last

After the really, really warm temperatures here for the past few weeks, it feels like autumn. Chilly and damp with the possibility of snow this weekend. Just in time for the local zombie crawl. But we’ll see – and there’s at least one more in a couple of weeks.

This is the time of year I love. It’s also a good time for fiber-y things. Spinning wool, knitting, crocheting, even embroidery.

I made some crewel yarn a week or so ago:

They really are the same size. Really. (click to biggify)

That’s a couple of the finished skeins. There are 2 oz. worth of each color, in roughly 20yd skeins. One is an “Annabel Lee” sort of color (my cat – she’s a ginger tabby and a wild girl) and one is reddish-mauve. It’s semiworsted; I carded the wool but rolled it crosswise instead of the usual way, and spun with a short draw. Most of it’s pretty smooth, but there are some fuzzy bits and pieces. If this is anything like the last batch, it’ll work just fine for embroidery. More about crewel work on another day.


5 thoughts on “Autumn at Last

  1. I’m also i the process of trying to spin some embroidery thread, but in sheeps colours, the undyed part is the bit I think could cause problems, since I always find undyed thread a little more brittle

    1. Hi! What kind of fleece are you using? This is pretty long-stapled; it’s averaging about 5.5 – 6″ or so, which is average for a Churro. I’d tried a little of the undyed yarn, but it was a small section. I might try a larger piece this weekend and see if it’s any different.

      1. well, I’ve gone a bit nerdy sceintist with it, and am drop spindliing (I’m better with a spindle than a great wheel and I dont have anything more modern) several different things so I can compare – herdwick (probably doomed to failure but I thought I might as well try) jacob, alpaca, black welsh and shetland. it would have been nice to try merino but I dont have any in at the moment. I will do a post on it when I’ve done

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