Good riddance, 2012

This year, the good was fairly heavily overshadowed by the bad.

Baby Bat’s best friend moved away this spring, roughly seven weeks before the end of school. Abruptly. She and her BFF were pretty heartbroken. Her family also made the decision not to allow sleepovers – at least not with Baby Bat.

On a related front, I’m both cautiously optimistic and a little concerned about having her at her school next year. I’ve started the application process for a STEM charter school next year – Baby Bat loves math and is becoming interested in engineering.

My family has always been a little older than most. Mom is an only child, and there are only a few of her relatives left. One of them has had a series of strokes; she can’t read any more, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to live alone. For somebody who spent her life as a music teacher and school librarian, it’s a tough way to go.

Then there’s the whole trying to hold onto the shreds of my marriage thing, which I won’t go into any more. Not until things are resolved one way or another.

Enough about all that…I’ve been doing some Giftmas knitting.

This year, we went to MN for Thanksgiving. Baby Bat had a whole week off this year, and it’s been quite a while since all three of us were there. BB had a blast with her cousins; they’re 5 months older than her, but they’re all in the same grade at school and get along pretty well. I brought a pair of my favorite socks along. One of my nieces fell in love with them and had to have a pair too. Here they are.
gillieshwaet1 (click to embiggen)

Yes, it’s another pair of Hwaet! socks. I did this pair a lot more quickly than the first pair – but not enough to get them out by Xmas. My family is used to their presents not being there on time unless it’s a gift card. I really do like this pattern. My favorite thing about it is the heel and gusset – it’s small and doesn’t break up the lines of text. Plus it’s quick to do, for a heel.

I also made a pair for her other cousin (they’re twins, but not identical in any way). They’re Horse Socks. ahsocks2 (click to embiggen)

A loves horses. Loves them. And pink. I got those done in roughly a week, including an overnight blocking. Still not in time for Xmas, but they are done. I still have an Irish Hiking Scarf to go, but that’s going to wait. Got something else to work on first, and I’m pretty sure my sister will understand.

One more day of 2012 to go after today. I won’t miss it.


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    1. I like that too! Last year I decided I won’t waste my time knitting for people who I already know won’t like whatever I make. So…my extended family it is!

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