Monsters That Take Away Fear

I like monsters. Especially the cute and cuddly kind. My sister and I grew up on the Sesame Street/Muppet monsters, my daughter just adores the Monsters, Inc. monsters, and I cannot pass by the Ugly Dolls at our favorite record store. I really like them.

Last month, a horrific tragedy happened in Newtown, CT. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare – your child goes to school in the morning and never comes home. The outpouring of love and support over the past few weeks since has been nice to see.

Not long ago, a group began on Ravelry to make monsters for the children who survived this tragedy. It’s really taken off; this morning, it even made the front page of Craftzine. Not the scary kind, like the asshole who turned the lives of everyone in that small town upside down and backwards. This kind:

Meet Penelope. She was created by Rebecca Danger as Penelope, the Empathetic Monster. Penelope is awesome, and incredibly quick to make even for me. She’s already winging off to her penultimate destination. I hope that the person who receives her gets love and cuddles from her, and that she keeps the real monsters from invading their dreams.


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