Happy Damn January

Oh, January. Your near lack of any holidays (save the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, and I find that more of a somber remembrance than a WooHoo Holiday thing), ramping up of work/school responsibilities and freakish damn weather have been a constant disappointment for the past 13 years.

Some people use January as the start of new habits: exercising, eating better, things like that. For the past few years, I’ve been using January as the start of new learning opportunities. I talked about it a little on this post, and I’ve started some things. For example, I’ve finally unearthed my Russian textbook from ages ago, and have been using that with the Russian podcast to help things along.

I’ve been doing some of this, too: rockypride1


The top one is a cross-stitch chart that I made with Photostitch. The bottom is from an Urban Threads pattern. Neither one is finished, but I’m still slogging away on them.

I’m also restarting Burtonesque with some different yarn. Since nobody was interested in the red 3-ply, I’m using at least one skein for it along with the black alpaca I’d already planned on using. I’m almost up to the end of the ribbing again…