Birthday Time

Last week was Baby Bat’s birthday. We went out to dinner at her favorite Chinese restaurant in the snow that night and missed a couple of phone calls. Various family members, including BB’s mother. First mother/birthmother/mother. Like that.

It’s a big deal whenever she calls, especially on birthdays for obvious reasons. We finally got to talk to her last night, which was pretty great. She and her mother are coming up here for a visit next weekend – we’ll see how it goes. It’s Baby Bat’s Destination Imagination tournament, so things will be a little…hectic. Yeah.

Her party was this past weekend. Our local indoor Putt-putt, pizza, movies, ice cream cake – the works. Most of the people invited were kids she almost never gets to see. So many around here are leaving for charter schools and “academies”, and they all seem to be Baby Bat’s friends. Anyway, the girls seemed to have a good time and didn’t destroy most of the house. And now…there’s an 11 year old in the house. Send help, or absinthe.

I have done a little knitting lately:

They’re Zombie Socks (Ravelry link), and they’re allegedly for Baby Bat. She’s not a big sock wearer, so we’ll see.