Snowpocalypse: or how you know it’s spring in CO

Since there's nothing to show this time, how about a little summer?
Since there’s nothing to show this time, how about a little summer?

In a possibly futile effort to become more organized/save what little is left of my marriage and family, I’ve been making to-do lists for the weekdays. It worked pretty well last week while Dad Goth was away. The jury’s still out on this week – even though almost all the list got done, including a blog post (ahem).

We were supposed to have a family (well, Baby Bat’s family anyway) visit this weekend. Unfortunately, there was a Snowpocalypse predicted for our area, and everything to do with school events was called off for Saturday. Baby Bat had a DI tournament scheduled, and her original mother and grandmother were supposed to come. Everything was postponed for another weekend, the snow never really materialized (sorry, but 8”=/= 24”, no matter who’s doing the predicting), and we had another exciting weekend.

I’ve been doing some embroidery in addition to knitting this week. Most of what I’m working on isn’t quite ready, and cross-stitch can be boring or confusing if it’s not ready. At least that’s my story. I’ve made a little progress on my Sewanee shawl. Fingers crossed that Annabel Lee doesn’t try to “help” any more – it would make the 5th time I’ve had to rip back to the beginning of the lace pattern. I’m happy with how my alpaca is holding up, but I’d rather not test its limits.