Spring. Yeahhhh.

It’s been beautiful here lately. Bright sunshine, temperatures veering wildly from the 70s to the 30s and back again. Snow one week, drought and fires the next. Oh, spring. You schizophrenic mistress, how I love and fear you.

I’ve been doing some knitting here and there. This is finally finished:

(click to biggify)
(click to biggify)

Yes, it’s the Sewanee I’ve been working on…all this past summer, fall and winter. Some projects have gotten in the way (hello Giftmas – I see you there) as well as things going on here. But it’s done. Sewanee is a beautiful shawlette pattern by a talented fiber artist. I’d definitely make it again, maybe with a slightly finer yarn. This is almost the last of the black alpaca I spun last year. Despite being ripped out, ripped off the needles more than once, and reknitted many times, the yarn’s held up well. I’m happy with it.

I’ve also started another toy, a knitted one this time. I tend to make more crocheted toys and more knitted garments, but this looks like a great pattern. I’ll show you when there’s more to show.

Dad Goth is away again; another multi-week business trip, another couple thousand frequent flyer miles. Plus a much more sane, stable mom…