Tour de Fleece

Once again, I entered the Tour de Fleece. This year, I’m actually updating with what I’ve been spinning.

I signed up for 2 teams: Team Spindlers and Team Iron Maiden. For Team Iron Maiden, I’ve been using the Southdown cross fleece I bought a while back at Estes. For Team Spindlers…I’m starting out with 4 oz of superwash Merino top that I bought at my favorite fiber shop. So far, I’ve spun and plied 1 oz; roughly 85 yards of 2-ply sportweight yarn, pretty smooth and shiny.
Day 4, Tour de Fleece (click to view)
3 more oz to go, then we’ll see what else I can find to work up on a spindle. I should finish up that baby alpaca. It’s been my “waiting in the mom line” project for quite some time. I really need to finish it so I can get to finishing those stockings.