Wrestling Matches

Sometimes, spinning goes really well. The fiber’s either prepared well or is stupid easy to prepare yourself. It spins up effortlessly and makes up into a balanced multi-ply yarn. The yarn is fantastic to work with in any medium – knitting, crochet, embroidery, whatever.

And then there’s the other days, other fibers.

I am a remarkably stubborn person. There are two other people in the world that I personally know are as stubborn as me. One of them lives in this house, the other is her first mother. If something doesn’t work the first time, I don’t give up. Sometimes it can be a while between attempts (like, say, years). But I keep beating my head against the brick wall.

This particular brick wall is some fleece. blkshp
It’s from a Southdown cross sheep, bought at the Estes Park Market a couple of years ago. (I’ve talked about it some in my last Tour de Fleece post).

This has taken me a while to prepare. If I relax enough, the carding goes pretty well. Even so, there are a lot of neps. Plying has helped with that, and finishing/partially felting the yarn has helped too.

I finally have a couple of skeins to show for all this, after spinning for damn near 2 weeks.

Day 10, Tour de Fleece

One of them broke several times while winding off, but the rest is an intact 94 yards. I’m pretty sure it’s my usual sport/DK weight, but I need to check the wpi this weekend. Annabel Lee, the cat in the fleece bag, just loves this yarn. I’m on the fence…It’s nice and elastic, and it feels soft enough in the finished yarn. The last time I made a swatch it worked out okay in knitting, but I want to try out this batch first. It’s been a hell of a wrestling match with this fiber, and I want it to be worth the effort.