Gothic Spinning?

What makes spinning Goth?

I would say the act of spindle spinning in public, whether goth-ed up or not, can be Goth. A pretty spindle with spiders or bats carved into the top helps, but it’s not necessary.

Neither, really, is spinning “black” fibers. It helps, but let’s talk for a minute about what constitutes “black” in the fiber/fleece world (and why that’s in quotes). Strictly speaking, black wool is anything that isn’t white. Not White can be any color from light gray to coal black. A lot of what people call “black” in color is actually a very dark brown. I have seen some alpaca and rabbit fiber that is a true undyed black, but it’s rare.

What makes some spinning Goth for me, in addition to the act of spinning fluff into yarn itself, is music. I love listening to music when I spin. Wheel or spindle, it’s a must for me. I’ve got a couple of playlists, now sadly trapped inside my nonfunctioning iPod that’s waiting to be repaired. One is “tradGoth”, the other is pretty much everything else. Because of my advanced years, the Trad Goth list is heavily skewed toward the music of my youth: Alien Sex Fiend, the March Violets, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Birthday Party, Lydia Lunch (arguably not Goth but I say she is, so there), Dead Can Dance, some Shostakovich string quartets, etc. Just like everybody else’s This is Goth, Muthafsckers lists, it’s Goth purely because I say so.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s Goth Spinning because it’s an eldergoth that’s spinning. Duh.