A Pair of Socks

Over the years, I’ve tried making things for Mr. Goth. Sweaters (yeah, that was fun), socks, gloves. Then I just gave up. He’s very picky about what he wears, plus he really really doesn’t like my needleworking. At all. Giving up was the much easier option.

Then he wound up with foot problems. He got a present of fancy, expensive flip-flops that supposedly help his foot problems. Since the weather has gotten cold, he now wants a pair of socks to wear with his fancy, expensive flip-flops. Finally, after all this time, I have permission to knit all the sh*t I want. The best part is, I can’t seem to knit fast enough.

I started with a basic pair of socks, based around his measurements (ball of foot, length of foot, length of big toe). For the proportions of the big toe part of the sock, I took the basic pattern from and went from there.

I’m using some of the superwash Blue-faced Leicester roving that I bought myself for my birthday. Apparently, he wants the socks so badly that undyed is no obstacle to gettin’ ’em done. So undyed they are. One sock’s finished, and I’m finished with the heel and halfway through the foot on the second. Once I have them blocked, I’ll put up a picture. Maybe even with Mr. Goth modeling them – but we’ll see.

Maybe next time he’ll ask for a sweater, like one of the ones I saw in the . And maybe monkeys will fly somewhere other than the land of Oz. It could happen.