Spinning for Embroidery

This year was the first time I’ve tried spinning crewel yarn to use in my embroidery. I used a light grey Churro fleece that I’ve had for a while now; combed and drawn out into top, it was spun worsted(ish) and wound up being relatively smooth and shiny. The shine surprised me, as there’s no silk in there and it’s not exactly a luster wool. But it glows a bit, almost in the way a Wensleydale worsted spun yarn can glow. crewel1
Believe it or not, they’re both fingering weight yarn. I used the orange to stitch the pumpkin on A’s trick-or-treat bag, and it held up fine.
halloween bag

Next time, I want to overspin a bit more and block it with weights before I use it. The only thing I didn’t like was the yarn’s tendency to untwist, so I think that might help. I’d hoped for a little more variety in color with the grey fleece, but that didn’t seem to happen. There’s a new spinning store near us with what looked like some nice tussah silk top. Maybe I’ll try that next time.