Giftmas is Just Around the Corner

Some people celebrate Christmas, some people celebrate Chanukah, some celebrate Diwali, some celebrate Winter Solstice and Newtonmas. We celebrate a mix of Christmas and Giftmas (loosely defined as Christmas without the two church services but with the gifts and dinners).

A couple of things: our family all celebrate Christmas, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. They are also far enough away that any celebrating outside our immediate family is a huge production, taking months of planning and preparation both physical and mental.

Most of the presents that we give are in one of two categories. Gift cards/e-certificates are one. Handmade things are the other. Gift cards are just the thing for people you rarely see. Like people on the other side of the country from you.

Handmade is a little tougher. It’s been a challenge to make things and get them out in time, but that’s gotten easier. This year, my twin nieces are getting some conductive gloves and…something I’ve had made for her that I’ll show after I send it off. Mom and Dad are (most likely) getting the socks they requested. Mr. Goth is getting his socks – the big toe is down to the last few rows, then some blocking. And A is most likely getting this.

She’s recently started wearing cardis and jackets, and I have enough black cross fleece left to spin for it. Plus she still loves the Harry Potter universe, and she oohed and ahed over the sweater when she saw it last month. It’s easiest to make things for people here or nearby: they can at least see some progress, and I have a couple of extra weeks to get it done and out.

Best get spinning.