Spinning a Sweater in a Month

No, it’s not NaNoSweMo. It’s Giftmas knitting, and I need to start planning out what I’ll use for yarn.

This sweater is the one that A fell in love with (that I already mentioned the other day). My go-to yarn, the one I can make in a hurry without thinking too hard, is a DK/heavy sportweight yarn, so I think I can get it done by at least the end of this month. Yeah, that’s right – the yarn. The sweater could be a different story. However, it’s not going any further than the living room for Giftmas, so I’m not too stressed. Just enough…

A has decided on either blue or white. She liked the blue shade in the cover version, but maybe a bit brighter and/or deeper. I have some Blue-faced Leicester, but not quite a pound’s worth any more. I was thinking of trying my hand at dyeing Tencel. We have lots of cotton/plant fiber dye here, so that’s an idea. It could use a protein dye, like rayon does, but I’ve never dyed any Tencel before. If anyone out there knows, don’t be shy.

It’s been a while since A has asked me to specifically knit her anything – and never asked me to make the yarn for it, like this time. We’ll see what happens.