My New Knitting Project

Here’s a link to my latest knitting project. I hope to have at least a few ready before they’re needed.

My mother’s going into the hospital for a mastectomy tomorrow. She won’t be able to use them for a while, but she’ll need them soon. There’s more that I’d like to write, but I can’t bring myself to do that now.

Now it’s Thanksgiving Day, my mom will be coming home from the hospital this afternoon, and I feel like I can write a bit more. 3 weeks ago, my mother noticed a discharge coming from one of her nipples. She mentioned it to her doctor – she’d already had an appointment for a checkup scheduled or it would likely never have happened. 2 mammograms, an MRI and an ultrasound later, she had an appointment for a mastectomy. At first it was going to be a lumpectomy, but there was at least one other suspicious area that they found. So they went for the more radical approach and no radiation/chemo for the time being.

Yesterday, the doctor said her lymph nodes looked clear and they think that may be the end of it. I hope so, but my optimism’s pretty damn cautious.

Now I need to start working on a few prosthetics for her to use once she heals.