Candy Canes and Crochet

It’s probably not what you’re thinking.

This week I finally found out what different family members want for Christmas/Giftmas/holiday presents. Most of our family have been notorious for their unhelpfulness in the past (it is too a word, Ms. Spellcheck). This year was no different. Although…this time I did get the hint of an actual object for 3 people (too late for 2 of them, alas). 2 beanbag iPhone stands and a beanie.

The beanie was started Saturday afternoon. It’s drying now:


The handspun I used was from last summer; a couple of skeins of Shetland lambswool from a farm in WI, hand-dyed, spun woolen from rolags at my usual light DK/sportweight size. It crocheted up easily. Even survived a couple of rounds of ripping-and-redoing. Now it’s drying. Pretty soon it will be wrapped along with some care instructions and sent off to the other side of the US. That and some video game cash for the nephew should do it.

The only other things I need to make are another couple of these and I’ll be done.