My, um, workout: BatFit days 3 and 4

There’s also some obligatory spinning and fiber-related things in this one.

Yesterday was Day 3 of BatFit 2014. It was all about workouts. Workouts and I have never been friends. If I get tired or sick – and thanks to lots of things, I’ve been getting tired a lot – I quit. For a while. I get bored easily, and quit too.

There are some activities that could be characterized as “exercise” that aren’t boring, though. Going on hikes. I’m lucky enough to live in an area with some pretty damn spectacular hiking within a 2 mile radius of the house. Hell, even taking A to school is a mile each way, and not a bad walk by footpath. I need to check with my former PT to see if bicycling would be a reasonable/sane thing for me to do with my neck situation. I love it, and I miss it desperately, but I don’t know if it’s realistic any longer. I’d also like some alone time w/A while she’s willing to be seen with either or both of her parents, and I think hiking at least once a week (not counting back and forth to school) might be a very good thing indeed. There’s also the “Dance Your Ass Off” option. Providing there aren’t any witnesses…

Yesterday, I got my Giftmas present to myself: 2 different packs of spinning fiber. One is 8 oz of a merino-silk blend that’s going to be a shawl for A’s 6th grade graduation. Sometime soon I’ll write about the “time-honored” tradition that is 6th grade graduation; suffice it to say we’re going to shop for a good dress and heels very soon. Dear Bob. The horror.

Anyway, the other is 2 oz of a Merino/cashmere/buffalo blend that was on special and I’ve been curious about. It’s kind of an oatmeal color. Definitely not what I expected, with the buffalo in the mix. I don’t know what I’d like to do with it. Depending on the resulting yarn, I might make at least one more Tit Bit for my mom.