Gift Knitting Without a Pattern

I’ve been doing some knitting for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. Her birthday was almost a week ago, but this particular friend knows how things go when I’m making something and makes allowances. This project has been a little bit of a challenge.

First off, she loves Assassin’s Creed. She got a copy of AC3: Black Flag for Christmas this year. She also refuses to wear hats. Not even assassin’s hoods. So I grabbed a chart for the logo here – it’s by IAm 4Man and it’s lovely – and got to work on making somthing she might wear – a pair of mittens. I decided on putting the logo on the outside and another pattern on the palm. There’s a pattern in Folk Knitting in Estonia that looked like it would work.

One’s finished so far, but it’s not been blocked. So as soon as both mittens are finished and blocked, I’d be happy to share a picture before I send them off. The worst part is that the floats on the front are uneven – it looks like it’s quilted, but I think it’ll block okay.

Other things have been going okay. BatFit is going pretty well. I’ve given up on weighing myself more than once a month, and am much happier. I’ve been doing some form of exercise (either yoga, Wii Fit or DYAO) almost every day. I missed this past Sunday, but it was pretty busy here with the Broncos winning the conference championship and going to the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. I’ve also been meditating every morning but one since Jan. 1. I’m not sure that I’m noticing any differences in how I feel from that, but we’ll see what things look like next month.


One thought on “Gift Knitting Without a Pattern

  1. I need to use that chart for something for the eldest. Maybe a hat. hmm…
    I need to get exercise back into my routine as well as meditation. My life has stablized finally but I’m suddenly feeling anxious as hell anyway. those definitely help me get past that. Good for you for sticking too it and being realistic about it. Screw the scale. I’ve given up on it lol. I just go by how I feel.

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